3.7 Feedback

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This video shows you how to use the Feedback Module within isCompliant.

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Keeping track of feedback from your customers helps you make your business better.

Firstly, gather feedback from your customers. This can either be by receiving a comment from them, either positive or negative, or by contacting them and asking them to fill in a feedback form.

3.7.1       Creating a Feedback record

  • Open the Feedback module.
  • Click the New button in the bottom right hand corner.
  • If you have chosen to manually insert codes to this module, you will need to insert a unique reference Code for the record. See Section 2.3.4 on Coding Rules for more information.
  • Enter the name of the Customer who gave you the feedback.
  • Where necessary, add a Contact at the Customer and the Project the feedback relates to using the drop down lists.
  • Enter the Date the feedback was received by typing it into the grey box or using the pop out calendar.
  • Click Save.

3.7.2       Adding detail to a Feedback record

Once you have created the Feedback record, you can add further detail by working through the tabs.

Feedback details: As explained in Section 3.7.1, you can add the key details of who provided the feedback and when.

Scores: The Scores tab allows you to input the rating for each attribute by clicking on the corresponding star. Working left to right from a poor one star to an excellent five, isCompliant will colour code your score red, amber or green depending on the rating. The Overall Score will be calculated automatically.

Note: when you return to the Feedback module screen, you can see the score and percentage given by each customer.

Conclusions: Add the Conclusions given by clicking on the Yes or No button. A tick or cross will appear next to each question when you select it.

Comments: Type the comment in the green box and select what type of comment it was from the drop down list (Compliment, Improvement Suggestion, Neutral Comment, Criticism, Complaint, Other).

Actions: You can create an Action relating to the Feedback by following the steps set out in Section 3.6.2.


3.7.3       Editing or Deleting a Feedback record

You can edit a piece of feedback by opening the Feedback module and clicking the corresponding Edit button. If you have permission to edit within this module, you will be able to navigate the tabs as above and make any necessary changes.

To delete a piece of feedback, open the record and click the orange Delete button at the bottom right of the screen.

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