3.5 Hazardous Substances

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This video shows you how to use the Hazardous Substances (COSHH) Module within isCompliant.

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The Hazardous Substances Module (or COSHH: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) helps keep your employees safe when using chemicals.

3.5.1       Creating a Hazardous Substance record

Note: Use the Material Data Sheet to add the details to a Hazardous Substance record. You can also attach the Material Data Sheet to the record by opening the module and clicking on the book symbol next to the corresponding substance.

  • Open the Hazardous Substances module.
  • Click the New button in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Fill in the Material tab.
    • If you have chosen to manually insert codes to this module, you will need to insert a unique reference Code for the record. See Section 2.3.4 on Coding Rules for more information.
    • Enter the substance Name.
  • Click Save.

3.5.2       Adding detail to a Hazardous Substance record

The data entry on this page works slightly differently to most other modules in that there are multiple sections on the one screen.

Note: Remember to click Save whilst filling in the tabs so you will not lose any data if your isCompliant session times out.

Material: As explained in Section 3.5.1, you can add the key details of the hazardous substance here. You can also change the status of the substance to Active or Inactive.

Storage: Select the storage Location of the substance from the drop down list (Note: this can be predetermined in the Tables). Select the suitable storage Conditions from the drop down list, and type in the storage instructions and minimum and maximum temperatures.

Actions: You can create an Action relating to the Hazardous Substance by following the steps set out in Section 3.6.2.

Details: Add the Supplier of the substance by clicking on the grey box and selecting from the drop down list, then select a Contact at that supplier where necessary. Type in the Batch Code, then select the Composition, Container Type, Colour and Branding of the substance by selecting from the drop down lists.

Properties: Type in any relevant Properties of the substance in the grey box.

Usage: Type in any instructions on the Usage of the substance in the grey box.

Assets: Add a related Asset by clicking on the box and selecting from the drop down list.

Tracking: The Status can be changed to depending on whether the substance is in use or not. You can then select a Received Date, Booked In Date, Disposed Date or Returned Date by clicking on the corresponding grey box and either typing the date or selecting from the pop up calendar.

Review: Select the name of the employee responsible for reviewing the assessment by clicking on the grey box next to Assessed By and selecting from the drop down list. Insert an Assessed Date and the Review Due date; it is recommended that you review your Hazardous Substance assessments once annually.

Emergency: Type in any relevant Emergency instructions in the grey box.

Precautions: Type in any relevant Precautions for using the substance in the grey box.

Misuse: Type in anything related to the Misuse of the substance in the grey box.

Risks: Type in the Risks related to the substance in the grey box.

Fire: Type in any relevant Fire procedures related to the substance in the grey box.

Safety: Check the box if the substance has had an Assessment Performed, then select whether the Status is Eligible or Not Eligible, and choose the Hazard Level from the drop down list. Check the boxes to say whether a Safety Statement has been received or an INCI List is available.


3.5.3       Editing or Deleting a Hazardous Substance record

You can edit a hazardous substance record by opening the Hazardous Substances module and clicking the corresponding Edit button. If you have permission to edit within this module, you will be able to navigate the tabs as above and make any necessary changes.

To delete a hazardous substance record, open the record and click the orange Delete button at the bottom right of the screen. Remember, you can make the hazardous substance inactive if you may need to use it in the future; go to the Material tab and change the Status.

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