2.4 Tables

The Tables tab is used to define certain categories which are used throughout the isCompliant modules. When you click the Tables tab, you will see nine different tabs each containing a reference table for you to complete.


In each tab, type the details into the green row and click Save. A new green row will appear below for you to add further information to your tables.

Sites: The Sites tab allows you to add each of your work sites or offices to isCompliant. To add further details, including a full address and contact details, click the More button that will appear next to each site once you have saved it.

Rooms: Once you have added all your sites in the Sites tab, you can use the Rooms tab to add in key rooms at each site. This is particularly useful for scheduling meetings and audits, ensuring that invites are sent detailing the exact location.

Processes: The Processes tab allows you to add any of your business processes, such as Procurement, Marketing or Manufacturing.

Storage Locations: Defining Storage Locations can be useful for your COSHH register.

Device Types: Device Types can be used for categorising assets e.g. vehicles, IT equipment, kitchen equipment.

Sub Types: Once the Device Types have been defined, the Sub Types tab can be used to further categorise them, e.g. you could add vehicle sub-categories for a car, van and forklift truck.

Supplier Categories: Supplier Categories can be used to index suppliers by what they provide, e.g. office equipment, catering services, temporary personnel.

Competencies: The Competencies tab allows you to define various competencies that different employees are expected to have, such as customer service. These can then be allocated under the Training tab of an employee’s profile in the Employees module.

RACI Roles: RACI stands for Responsible Accountable Consult Inform. See Section 2.3.3 for a full description. This tab allows you to define which employees can be assigned a RACI role, by typing out their job role and selecting their name from the drop down box, e.g. the role could be Health & Safety Representative. You will assign these employee’s a RACI role in the Projects module.

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