2.1 The Toolbar

At the top of the isCompliant screen is a blue toolbar; this is visible in every module and record.

Section 2.1 will talk you through each element of your toolbar.

2.1.1       Client Selection

If you have access to multiple isCompliant systems as a consultant, you will be able to easily switch between systems by using this first drop down box in the toolbar. Next to where it says ‘today you’re working with’, click on the box and select which client system you would like to see. Their dashboard will automatically load up.

2.1.2       Inactive Records

Almost every record in isCompliant can be assigned a status depending on whether it is not in use, cancelled or completed. You can mark most records Active or Inactive; this means that you don’t have to delete records so won’t lose the data. For example, an asset that is in storage or an employee on long term leave can be marked as inactive until they are back in work.

As a default, records you have marked as inactive or completed will be hidden from the modules. If you want to view them, click the Show Inactive checkbox in the toolbar. Tick this, and it will make all inactive records in each module appear. They will be shaded grey so you can pick them out easily.

2.1.3       Text Box Rows & Grid Rows

The toolbar also gives you the option to alter the number of Text Box Rows and Grid Rows shown.

Text Box Rows: In some cases when you need to type a larger amount of text, e.g. an audit response or an action, the default one-line text box may prevent you from seeing everything you are writing. You can easily change this by increasing the number of text box rows using the drop down box in the toolbar. Make sure you save what you have written prior to changing the number as it will refresh the screen.

Grid Rows: When you open any module, you will see a list of records that it contains. The number of grid rows equates to the number of records you see on one page. Please note that if you have a large amount of records, selecting to view all on one page may cause isCompliant to load significantly slower.

2.1.4       Zones

isCompliant has two Zones; the Client Zone and the System Zone. The Client Zone is where you will see all the features of the above toolbar, access your dashboard and all records. You can find out more about these Zones in Section 4.1.

2.1.5       Incident Reporting

The orange Incident button allows you to report an incident. See Section 3.16 for full details of how to use this function.

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