3.8 Company Objectives

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This video shows you how to set Company Objectives within isCompliant.

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Company Objectives are created and monitored the same way as Actions, but they focus on the key long term goals that the business wants to achieve.

3.8.1       Creating a Company Objective

  • Open the Company Objectives Module.
  • Click the New button.
  • Enter the Name of the objective e.g. a brief description of what you want to achieve.
  • Where necessary, select the Process the objective applies to, and it’s Status, Priority and Class using the relevant drop down lists.Note: the Priority will automatically default to Low.
  • Note: the Class will automatically default to Improvement.
  • Note: the Status will automatically default to New.
  • Select who the objective has been Assigned By, who it is Assigned To, and the Reviewer.
  • Set a Due date that the objective should be completed by.
  • Click Save.

Alternatively, any action you have created can be changed into a company objective.

  • Open the Actions module and locate the action.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • Click the Company Objective checkbox in the Action Details tab.
  • Click Save.

3.8.2       Adding detail to a Company Objective

You can add detail to the company objective in the same way as an action. See Section 3.6.3 for full details.

3.8.1    Editing or Deleting a Company Objective

You can edit a company objective by opening the Company Objectives module and clicking the corresponding Edit button. If you have permission to edit within this module, you will be able to navigate the tabs as above and make any necessary changes.

To delete a company objective, open the record and click the orange Delete button at the bottom right of the screen.

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