2.8 Uploading Documents

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This video shows you how to Upload a Document within isCompliant.

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Documents can be uploaded to any isCompliant module or record where the book symbol is displayed.

If the symbol is green it demonstrates that there are already documents uploaded against the module or record, however, this does not prevent any more being added.

To upload a document, click on the book and follow these instructions.

2.8.1      Upload a Document to a Module

  • Open the module from the dashboard and click on the book symbol in the top right hand corner.
  • Click the New button in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Insert the Name of your document.
  • Note: If it has a reference number or code, it is useful to include that in the Name field so you can search for it.
  • Select an Owner and Reviewer from the drop down boxes, and add a Description where necessary.
  • If the document Requires a Review, click the checkbox and add a future review date.
  • In the File field, click Choose File and select the correct document to upload.
  • The Unzip Zips box should be checked when you are uploading a zip file containing multiple documents.
  • Click Save.
  • If the document is directly related to a specific Site, Standard, Customer, Supplier or Project, you can link to them using the drop down boxes in the Associations Tab.

2.8.2       Adding a Document to a Record

As well as procedures, you can also add other documents to any record which has the book symbol next to it. When you open any module, you will see the option to add a document next to each entry in the list.


Sometimes there is the option to add a document to a section of a record too. For example, you can attach copies of training records or certificates to an Employee’s Profile in the Training tab. You can add your document by repeating the steps in Section 2.8.1.

2.8.3       Searching for and Downloading a Document

If you want an overview of all documents you have uploaded to your isCompliant system, open your dashboard and click the green book at the top right hand corner. Here you will see a list of all documents, including their Name, Version, Type, Status, Owner, Reviewer, Source and Filename.


To search for a document, type the name or a key word into the Search bar in the bottom left corner of the screen and click Search. To return to the full list of documents, click the Clear button.

To download a document, click the Download button next to it. It will automatically download on to your computer in the file format it was uploaded in.

2.8.4       Editing or Updating a Document

You can edit a document’s properties at any time by opening the green book and clicking the Edit button next to the document.

If you have revised the document and are wanted to supersede the current version, click on the Increment button. The document details will still be filled in as before, but the version number will have automatically increased to show that your new document is a newer revision. You can add Change Comments and Review Comments into the grey boxes and amend the Future Review Date where necessary. In the File field, click Choose File and select the correct document to upload, then click Save.

The History button will show you the previous versions of each document as well as the current version. Previous versions will be highlighted grey as Replaced.

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